The Story and the Team of Thebridge & Taylor

‘We age not by years but by stories’

Raised by my family who have been nourishing this belief my whole life, I knew that this phrase embodied Thebridge & Taylor perfectly.


After finishing my fine art studies, I realised that I wanted to share my passion for illustration, design and craft with others. I wanted to create products that connect with people and inspire them to share their stories and moments with loved ones.


So, back to 2016, I started spending long hours tucked away in a tiny studio flat in South London, designing my first prints. My inspiration? The British culture of course! I’ve always loved London for its classic yet elegant architecture, and for all those adorable little gift shops and cafes that you stumble upon in the city.

It was my dream for Thebridge & Taylor, to be associated with classic luxury gifts with a strong British heritage and hopefully I’ve succeeded!

Another wish that became reality, was to grow my business and welcome on board a fantastic team. Thebridge and Taylor has now grown to include three extremely creative girls, Anamaria, Despina and Holly all who help Thebridge & Taylor expand and grow.


It’s been a dream come true to expand Thebridge and Taylor to include such an amazing group of ladies. It’s fantastic to see how they have embraced the brand and their motivation with it. I’m so happy working with such a strong and passionate team, that can embrace Thebridge and Taylor’s spirit and develop together.

One more highlight this year, has been the launch of Thebridge & Taylor’s official website. It was something I had been working on for a long time and I’m so excited that now all of our customers can find us on our own personal page!



Don’t forget you can come and say hi in person on December 1st at Creoate, 37 Neal Street, London WC2H 9PR from 12-3pm.


That’s it for now guys! See you on the next post!